CAROL SOBIENIAK- handmade tufted and woven rugs made with studio dyed New Zealand wool

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The Studio

Flying Carpet Studio is located in a 100-year old brick warehouse in downtown Boulder, Colorado. For a decade Carol Sobieniak has been working her magic with wool, designing and creating fine handcrafted rugs.

Dying the Yarn
The rug making process begins with lustrous New Zealand Romney wool. A pallete of colors is selected and the yarn is placed in pots with Lanaset dyes. Lanaset dyes are colorfast, safe, and environmentally friendly.

There is a magical alchemy that takes place during this process that sets the tone of the rug. The dying of the yarn by hand produces a custom palette, rich in color that will complement any room.

Tufted Loop Pile
The designs of these rugs range from leafy organic vines to geometric symmetry, and are hand drawn on a stretched foundation cloth similar to a painting. According to the color palette, the dyed yarn is wound onto bobbins and threaded through a tufting tool. Guided by hand the tufting tool punches the cloth like the needle of a sewing machine, punching the fabric and creating a loop for each stitch. This process builds up rows of loops that create the nap of the rug.

All tufted loop pile rugs are finished with a secondary backing coated with latex. Tufted loop pile rugs are very durable and excellent for high traffic areas and can be made in any shape and size. This type of rug does not require a rug pad.

Flat Woven Tapestry

These rugs are all about color combinations and the use of basic design elements. The quality of minimalism in design and color is the real beauty of these rugs.

Flat-woven tapestry rugs are woven with a 4-ply worsted wool warp in a tabby weave structure. All color changes that occur in each rug are interlocked in every row. These rugs can be woven in one piece up to 8 feet in width, with larger sizes seamed together.

All rugs are finished with a strong accent border that is created by weaving a charcoal black binding. This gives the rugs a clean finished edge. For best wearability the flat-woven tapestry rug requires a rug pad and hard floor surface.